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If I say math ...
If I say math doesn't exist to my math teacher, does that mean I can get out of tests?
Even science on ...
Even science on some level requires faith. Not only faith that our observations are real but also faith in the postulates that form the foundation for higher scientific thought.
stop with the memes ...
stop with the memes its not 2010
Math is just a ...
Math is just a language. Asking "is math real" is like asking "is spanish real" 
Gurren Zero06/02/2015
My take as an anti- ...
My take as an anti-realist: For me, math is seemingly created. We invented math as a way for us to be more concise about measurements, designs, ratios, and so forth. Mathematics does not happen naturally in tje universe, and unlike biochemistry, biology, and any life science, we cannot see it happen without our intervention. I do, however, love math now, and I consider it one of the sole best inventions, ever.
Colby Jack12/04/2015
Mathematics is part ...
Mathematics is part of universe, even though you cant see it or smell it. Anything that takes up space in the universe has a definite value. Simply by existing it has an intrinsic value.
Jim Roberts08/05/2015
If math only exists ...
If math only exists inside our brain, why do we DISCOVER it? We can't discover something if we knew it all along...or is that a stupid question?
Philip J. Fry19/02/2015
*holds brain* ;-;
*holds brain* ;-;
あかり A20/05/2015
Math is a law bound ...
Math is a law bound by this universe. Math is a reality!! Men binds this universe
Carlo Santana16/04/2015
Well the fact is ...
Well the fact is that although maths is a very good tool to describe and predict the universe, it is only an approximation.
I think the anti- ...
I think the anti-realistic way is more consistent. I think we can see that we sort of "create" geometry, for example. The natural geometry for us is obviously an Euclidean Geometry, but as physicists saw that it doesn't really apply to our world, then they had to search for another kind of “non natural” geometry that they call Riemannian Geometry which, as far as I know, is more appropriate to describe relativistic phenomena. So maybe, if we find out some phenomena where it's better to think that 1+2 doesn't equal to 3, someone would end up by developing new concepts to “create” a new mathematic where 1+2 differs from 3.
Gaudio Wind30/03/2015
You have overlooked ...
You have overlooked one crucial thing. Science is faith as well, People used to think that the earth is the center of the universe. Most people had faith in it thus it was science. We all think that the Sun is the center now but that may not really be the case. Science may also be a creation of the human mind. In fact, if you think about it, nothing can be really said to be of the universe
Lindle Lee12/01/2015
I think it does ...
I think it does exist. If there was water, there was 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, 1 molecule made by 2+1=3 atoms.
Math exists exactly ...
Math exists exactly as what it is; the universe exists as exactly what it is; the universe is complex physical math equations (the interactions of quantity, geometry); math can only exist first with physicality, and since the universe exists, and potentially will always exist, I suppose there is a realm of forms like perfect abstract essence of math which is timeless and beyond the manifestations of substance at any given time; When the first man said; let 1 = 1 and 0 = 0; and 2 = 1 + 1; before that man thought or said of anything else, it was already true that 1 + 1 + 1 = 3; and so it seems as if the self consistency of math follows from the simplest axioms, which may be timeless, and 'exist' even if they dont exist, perhaps in a sense of the realm of potential; How in ways 'tommorow' exists today, or its knowledge can effect now;....maybe
Math, to me, Is an ...
Math, to me, Is an accurate description of the universe, as we know it. And just like any scientific theory, Something new could possibley come by and rock that boat. However, the very same theories are what we have built our entires lives off of, And have yet to fail. That should be good enough for us XD . So what I think is yes , in a sense, Math is a creation of brains, seperated from physical existence. However, this creation's most basic requirments are that of reality. Math is always constantly and by many people Compared to the physical world. Therefore the minute math is not true, We simply make more math. I also think that its unfair to even be worried that math is not true. I have been taking a Discrete Structures course, and have chosen to believe all of the predicates and propositional logic it has brought. There is a chance I will have chosen wrong, just as with all other things
I believe it falls ...
I believe it falls onto the math realists to explain whether or not that math exists. *They* are the one making a claim that math exists, so *they* have to prove it. (I'm hoping you notice that this is an analogy of another hot topic...)
An important ( ...
An important (philosophical) question... My worry: Fictional or real, it is a fact that logic (math) is compatible with the functions in the universe to an immense range of scales that surpass human experience (hence, I believe, evolution is not enough to give a satisfactory answer given that this knowledge became available a few hundred years ago - give or take). An this range is reasonable to expect that will become much wider in the next few hundred years. So, what is the relation of the human brain function to the function of physical phenomena that are describable in terms of math (and many of them lie beyond the everyday experience)? Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation? | Idea Channel | PBS
Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos25/10/2014
Wait, are we sure ...
Wait, are we sure we can see "physics"? We can see objects (kinda) and we describe those objects with equations and principles of physics, but we can't see Newton's first law. We can see objects (kinda) that obey the first law, but we can't see the first law. We can see objects that obey mathematical correlations too so I guess I don't see the difference clearly.
We Are Showboat14/02/2015
I've always thought ...
I've always thought that mathematics where just creations of the human brain. Mathematics is basically just the study and advancement of methods that can help answer human questions and solve human problems in an effective manner, or thats what I've always considered math to be...
Lorenzo Salazar14/04/2015
Great Video from ...
Great Video from PBS Idea Channel on whether or not math actually exist. 
Brandy A. Hyatt11/05/2015
I think that math ...
I think that math concepts exist in the universe. However, we did create a language of mathematical symbols and equations because that is the only way we can understand it.
Alexis Seith22/04/2015
The problems exist ...
The problems exist in the universe, the math exists in the brain.
Maths is more of a ...
Maths is more of a tool than a language IMO. The most powerful tool humanity ever or more probably could ever make if I may add.
Zune Nebula19/05/2015
I wasn't mad you ...
I wasn't mad you said my mother was a hamster, but for GOD's SAKE why did you have to say my father smells of elder berries? He has a condition, Matt, not cool. Yeah, I'd say that math exists and yet doesn't exist. Essentially, math is a construct, an invention, one of(if not the) the greatest inventions of humanity. Yet, the concepts that mathematics deals with, and extrapolates on, exist. Math does not exist. It is the invented perception of humanity, through this perception we can conceive and perceive things we could only theorize on previously. Math in essence is a perception. A way in which we take the nearly (if not) infinite and omnipresent signals of the Cosmos, and translate that to something tangible, relatable, "real", or even manipulatable. Just like a sensory organ, and your central nervous system.
Keith Buckson01/05/2015
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